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~ Wednesday, September 17 ~

Random things I’ve come to learn in the past week.

My coworker that I think is absolutely gorgeous is actually larger (in terms of clothes size) than I am and it made me realize that if I think I’m fat but think she’s absolutely gorgeous and tiny, there’s something wrong with me. 

I’ve also come to realize that she has the same insecurities as I do. Such as our belly fat pooch. We both totally hate it.

I also have figured out that I’m more willing to work out ect if I can see myself in a mirror because I think i’m pretty while doing squats if I can watch myself.

I’m weird.

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~ Tuesday, September 16 ~

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I’m a teacher and today two new students signed up at my school: three-year-old identical twin boys. Their names are Sora and Riku.

That generation is here.

It begins.

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Well, you could do that. Or… You could buy more lingerie. I mean, what feels better? Money later, or lingerie now?

I’m trying to save money for Disney while paying off my credit card and hopefully the closer it is to Disney then I can buy something cute to wear.

Just go naked all the time

If I could get away with going naked all the time I would.

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why the fuck are there aerie ads on my tumblr

i’m trying to save money

not buy more lingerie


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"i was born in the wrong generation" i say as i steal my grandkids hoverboards because fuck you i was promised these years ago

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things to say during sex

  • nothing
  • you dont need sex
  • the lord is watching
  • amen

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Tags: I need a dress like this for florida who wants to shop for me
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i can’t believe quizilla is shutting down… now how am i supposed to find out what anime elemental girl i am or who my yu-gi-oh boyfriend is

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the concept of liking someone and them liking you back and you deciding to date each other literally just fucking baffles me because it has never once happened for me in my entire life

how are you all doing this

how are you people making it look so easy

how are you finding people who like you back and want to date you and then actually do it

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So sick of my stomach dying on me

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